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Little Ray Lane Dummy Chains are proudly Lab Tested and Certified to be Compliant to European Safety Standard DIN EN 12586 for Soother Holders, as required by the ACCC in Australia.

It is mandatory for Dummy Chains of any form sold within Australia to adhere and comply to this standard, ensure you always shop safe!

Likewise, all Teething Toys that we sell are Tested & Certified to Australian Toy Safety Standard AS/NZS 8124.

Correct use of a Dummy Chain..

Dummy Chains are NOT teethers or toys, and should never be attached to teethers or toys or advertised in this way.

Always remove your Dummy Chain before placing your baby to sleep in any environment. They are to be used under full supervision only.

The safest place to attach your Dummy Chain is to your baby's clothing around the chest area, not to loose items like bibs or blankets as this in turn is extending the reach of the chain and posing a strangulation hazard.

Please help us to spread awareness of these safety issues by always using your Little Ray Lane products safely!